ReCon 2021 Workshop

Remote conference in the times of the pandemic
August 30, 2021

Workshop @ Interact 2021

With guest keynote speaker: Neha Kumar


While remote conferences are much more accessible and cheaper than traditional conferences they provide some new challenges in many areas: social, organizational and technical. Without proper planning any remote conference can feel like a series of disconnected webinars with very limited, almost anonymous contact between presenters and participants. In order to provide every participant with a meaningful experience it is important to understand their diverse expectations and limitations, and plan and organize the conference accordingly.


Due to the mixed experiences of participants and organizers of remote conferences it is important to search for effective solutions for such events. The aim of this workshop is to create a platform for HCI researchers to explore issues pertaining to the remote conference organization and practices in the times of COVID pandemic. This in effect will allow creation of guidelines outlining the best approach to effectively organize remote conferences. To achieve this the workshop will bring together people that have personal experience in attending and organizing remote conferences and researchers specializing in social and human-computer interactions. Being members of HCI community we believe that HCI researchers in this community are the group with the most suitable knowledge and experience to be able to prepare guidelines that are the goal of this workshop.

Target audience

The workshop is intended mainly for people that are or will be organizing any remote conference or online event but also for researchers interested in areas of social interaction, HCI, virtual reality. We plan to draw on both the experience and expertise of HCI researchers, who may be both actors and designers in the situation of planning the remote conference. The personal experience in the area of remote conferences will be definitely a very valuable asset for the participants but we’d like to stress that it is not necessary.