Each participant of workshop is asked to prepare a position paper (min. 1-6 pages) describing their experiences with remote conferences or/and their expectations. The goal of this part will be for each of the participants to evaluate their experiences and realize their attitudes towards particular elements of the remote conference experience. The submission may for example include: 

  • a short description of your research interests, driving values and motivations, goals,
  • description of your experiences with remote conferences
  • description of your expectations from remote conferences
  • description of your expectations from the workshop

Until the 30th of May we welcome any submissions.

Please use the Springer LNCS template available here for Overleaf and here for MS Word. Submissions are not anonymous and should be e-mailed to before the deadline on the June 28, 2021.

As an option to fulfil the task described above, we encourage you to try the autoethnographic perspective.

Autoethnography is a research method and methodology that uses the researcher’s personal experience to describe, analyze, and understand cultural experience. It is a form of self-narrative that places the self within a social context, e.g. remote conferencing.

Below is a list of great books and articles on how to write an autoethnographic essay (or any other type of deliverable), plus examples of autoethnographies in HCI:

Adams, T. E. , Jones, S. H. & Ellis, C. (2015). Autoethnography. Oxford University Press.

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